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Certification Authority of the National Council of Notaries

As of 12 September 2002 the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (CNN or National Council of Notaries) has been entered in the public register of digital signature certifiers maintained by the Centro nazionale per l’informatica nella pubblica amministrazione (CNIPA, or National Centre for IT in the Public Service), formerly AIPA and, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 177 of 1 December 2009, now called “DigitPA”.

Italian Notaries and the Digital Signature

Under current Italian laws, CNN only certifies the digital signatures of notaries in the exercise of their professional functions.

For this purpose a central authority has been created in conformity with the notarial law that verifies the existence of these notarial functions throughout the life-cycle of the digital signatures (issuance, suspension and cancellation).

The important aspect of the signature system is the digital signature certificate issued by CNN to notaries who own signature devices. The signature certificate is generated according to precise criteria and technical standards established by Italian law.

Every digital certificate issued guarantees that the public key corresponds with the identity of its owner. Anyone desiring to verify the validity of a signed document and to receive information on the signatory may do so by accessing a web application available on the following site: Verificatore on-line .

Minimum information regarding providers of digital signature services (certifiers) based on qualified certificates issued in conformity with Directive 1999/93/EC (following the European Commission's decision of 16 October 2009).   (XML format)   (PDF format - humanly readable)


Certification Authority information is processed exclusively for the purposes of providing the digital signature service. Data in the database are protected by software products designed to implement access authorisation policies.

The protection measures implemented are in conformity with the security measures for the handling of personal data stipulated in Legislative Decree 196/2003.


The security measures for data protection and data integrity in the notariat's Public Certification infrastructure comply with international standards and the security rules stipulated by CNIPA.

Meeting these standards has meant upgrading Notartel S.p.A.'s security regulations and quality procedures.

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